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IT Escape game - Ajaz Escape games

IT Escape Game is the new escape game from ajazgames. This is so freaky game, it's gonna make you get goose bumps, you are stuck in an evil place, you are here to destroy the evil joker from the house, there are some scary items to be collected, make holes in the girls eyes then drop in some spiders to get some keys, be safe before if you are too afraid to of goats grudge don't not play, but if you are fearless you are gone to have fun playing IT Escape games. Goody luck Play this Game Play this Game in Android Play Game play walkthrough for this game  >>>>>>>>>>>

Navarathri Dussehra Dress up - Ajaz Games

Navarathri Dussehra Dress up game is the new dress up game from ajazgames. The Navarathri festival is the Indina festival of nine nights celebrated every year. people celebrates the worshiping of nine forms of Goddess Shakti / Devi during these nine days. All Girls wants to look gorgeous during this occasion. You can change the Dolls in the stand. You can dress up navarathri dress in : Traditional Saree. Salwar kameez, Bindi,Kunjalam, changing different bangles, ear rings, and necklace. Enjoy playing navarathri dussehra game and take snap shot after your dress up and save it in your mobile and desktop. Mouse interaction. Play this Game Play this game in Android

Terror Horror Fun- Ajaz Escape Games

Terror Horror Fun a simple scary game and new escape game from ajazgames. you are here to escape as fast as possible to score well, here you will have to collect some freaky sneaky fingers place them over the wall to get the key and you can escape from the tongue horror room. Happy scary, wish you all the scares.Have fun playing point and click games from ajazgames Mouse interaction. Play this Game  Play this Game in Android Click Below video to >>>>>>>>>>>> Play game Play walkthrough 

Creator Almighty - Ajaz Escape games

Creator Almighty is the new escape game from ajazgames. in the place of holiness an old divine couple are lost inside the temple, due the temple being really big, your mission is to find each of them to join at one place for the holy worship of god, This is a simple escape game developed for loads of fun, have fun playing this escape game from ajazgames Play this Game Play this game in Android View Game Play for the game

Pinky Marina Beach Cleaning - Ajaz Games

Pinky Marina Beach Cleaning Pinky Marin Beach Cleaning is the new challenging kids cleaning game by ajazgames. Use your skills to collect waste object and put it in dustbin kept on the right side and put reusable material in other box which is present in left side, without losing the time and points. Have fun playing pinky marina beach cleaning. Play this Game Play this Game in android