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Escape Game Jail Prison Break - Ajaz Escpae Games

Escape Game Jail Prison Break is the new point and click escape game from Ajazgames . This is your brain on far more than mere games people play, this is the greatest escape game, pick up on the smallest physical appearance and use those objects to get clues, use your higher brain functions to think deeply on how to solve the puzzles, here is just something that brings the best and worst in us, no matter which sport you play, there is generally a winner and loser but in this escape game there is only one winning, playing the escape game by breaking out lock, make the police officer to sleep and get the key from him, then escape to win your freedom. Have fun playing ajazgames. Play this Game  Play this Game in Android :  View this game walkthrough

Escape game love fever - Ajaz Escape Games

Escape Game Love Fever Escape Game Love Fever is a familiar point and click games from ajazgames. This game has effective strategies to fight your dullness and make you happy, it would make you feel the anxiety and drench you is sweat before you could solve this escape game, this game is therapist which is a daily companion. Doing the unthinkable and finding different forms to solve and some are incredible difficult to solve it. You will experience the palpitations and difficulty in solving and find the clues, all the best, good luck, enjoy the variety forms of puzzles and finding solutions. Enjoy playing ajazgames. Mouse interaction Play this Game Play in Android

Escape Game Rolling 17 - Ajaz Escape Games

Escape Game Rolling 17 Escape Game rolling 17 is a new perspective escape game from Ajazgames , actually this game would help you to think a little longer on how to escape in between mountain . it's a small easy addictive point and click game that you would enjoy, pick up objects like skull and search for hidden objects, meanwhile solve puzzles and use your memory to break codes, finally break open the hill and get it rolling, All the best good luck have fun playing free Escape games, online escape games, new escape games from ajazgames. Play this Game Play this game in android :

Escape Game make call 44 - Ajaz escape games

Escape Game Make Call 44 Escape Game make call 44 is a beautiful new escape game from Ajazgames , you need to pick up certain item or object from the game and add them to the inventory then use those objects from your inventory, there will be small puzzles and memory our puzzles to solve,it's a simple fun escape game, finally find all the diamonds to Unlock the door. All the best , Good luck, have fun playing free Escape games, point and click games, new escape games, online escape games from ajazgames. Play Game Play in Android :