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find bamboo fan walkthrough

Play Find Bamboo Fan is the new point and click escape game from Ajaz Games. Assume that you are in tour to Japan for bamboo fan dance program, while on your way, you lost your bamboo fan which plays important role for dance Use your skills to find clues and puzzles and search for bamboo fan ASAP and be ready for dance program. Enjoy new free escape games from Ajaz Games. Have Fun!! Good Luck Mouse Interaction

Play Ajaz Treasure Hunt2 Game Online

Its a new way point click escape game from ajaz games. Imagine you have got a treasure map and with the help of that you are going to that location to find out the treasure. The challenging thing in this is to solve the clues and puzzles to reach the precious treasure. Happy playing and have fun with your friends. Wish you good luck!

Play Camera Museum Game Online

Play the Camera Museum Escape Game Online and have fun. It is a click point escape game and using your talent, you need to escape from museum. It provides the great entertainment to all who play this game. In each and every room you will have hint and with the help of that you need to solve the situation and escape from museum.

It is single player game where it will be interesting and provides good experience of problem solving skill. Best of luck to solve the puzzle. Hope it gives you a good look and feel and enjoy this game.

yellow fawn escape walkthrough

Play Yellow Fawn Escape Game Online in Ajazgames. Have fun with friends. Wish you good luck!

desert car escape walkthrough

Play Desert Car Escape Game in online by ajazgames. Enjoy the game and have fun. Wish you good luck!

ajaz diamond boy escape walkthrough

Play Ajaz Diamond Boy Escape Game by It's a new point and click escape game and assume that you have been trapped in house. Solve all puzzles and clues and escape the boy from house. Have fun with this interesting game. Wish you good luck!

ajaz mermaid escape walkthrough

Play Ajaz Mermaid Escape Game and have fun.

Beautiful mermaid is stuck in the box. Help the mermaid to come out.
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